Student Responsbilities

Student Responsibilities

Following are Years 7 to 12 student expectations when engaging in off campus learning:

  • Check the Daily Notices every morning between 8:00am and 8:15am.

  • The length of your school day has not changed.

  • Take your Recess and Lunch breaks at the same time as now.

  • Online lessons will run every day according to your normal timetable

  • You must log in to each period daily, following the normal bell times.

  • Each lesson will be facilitated by your normal classroom teacher through the use of the Zoom Video Conference application.

  • The link for your Zoom video conference will be posted on LERA -

  • You are expected to access work from each of your Google Classroom sites on a daily basis and keep up to date with set work.

Expectations during each online class:

  • Students must log in to the session within the first five minutes of the scheduled time.

  • A student attendance roll will be taken. If a student is unable to participate in online classes during the day, their parent/guardian must notify the College. Absences and patterns of absences will be recorded.

  • Students are to follow normal College classroom expectations during an online lesson. The teacher will provide instructions in relation to the facilitation of the learning experiences during the scheduled online lesson.

  • The teacher will provide instructions in relation to students having their video and microphone on or off.

  • When multiple students with questions are online, the teacher will manage this by directing selected students to unmute their microphone when responding to their question or use the Chat function. A response to one student’s question may meet the learning needs of other students online at that time.

  • Students are to only use the Chat Feature when asking their teacher a question, or as instructed by their teacher. The Chat Feature is to be used only for educational purposes.

  • If the classroom teacher is unavailable to facilitate a Zoom Video Conference on a day, this information will be included in the Daily Notices. In this event, work for that lesson will still be included in the Google Classroom. It is expected that students complete this work during the scheduled period.

  • Years 7-10 Assessment Tasks scheduled during the off-campus-learning-mode period may be rescheduled to a more appropriate time. The Head of Department will notify students of these arrangements.

  • The College will follow NESA guidelines for the administration of assessment tasks in Years 11 and 12. This can include assessment tasks sent to students for completion and then electronically submitted. Where a task cannot be electronically submitted, the College will provide an alternate task to the student(s) on their return.

  • LERA is the gateway to access your Google Classroom sites, information on the Zoom Video Conference Application and Student Expectations.