Student Engagement

1. Fortnightly Legend Challenge - this is for fun (and for a $50 JB HIFI voucher).

2. CSL Challenge - complete 10 hours of CSL before July 20

3. Fitness Challenge - Get Active for 1.5 hours each week

4. Skill Challenge - Work on getting good (or better) at something that is NOT sports - like an instrument or a hobby - 1.5 hours per week

HOUSE POINTS for every student who completes at least one challenge. With all the cancellations of sport and activities, this is an opportunity for you and your House to Win the All-Points Trophy at the end of the year.

If you accomplish all three challenges (Skill, CSL and Fitness) you will earn a unique Liberating Education Award for your leadership, creativity and resilience. This will be awarded when you return to ERC after the physical isolation restrictions are lifted and you will earn an extra 30 House Points (so - 20 per Challenge =60 AND extra 40 = 100 House Points!)

The winning House in the Off-Campus- Challenge will also have a free lunch when we return to school. Stay positive. Stay Strong. Encourage each other. Build House Spirit!!