Subject Selection 2025

Yr 10 into Yr 11 2025 Information Booklet.pdf

Course Information Videos

The following are videos and slides that provide further information on the Courses offered at Edmund Rice College.

Computing Presentations

Computing Video

Computing Slideshow

Creative Arts Presentations

Creative Arts Video

Creative Arts Slideshow

English Presentations

English Video

English Slideshow

Humanities Presentations

Humanities Video

Humanities Slideshow

Languages Presentations

Languages Video

Languages Slideshow

Mathematics Presentations

Mathematics Video

Mathematics Slideshow

PDHPE Presentations


PDHPE Slideshow

Religion Education Presentations

Religious Education Video

Religious Education Slideshow

Science Presentations

Science Video

Science Slideshow

Social Science Presentations

Social Science Video

Social Science Slideshow

Technology and Applied Studies (TAS)

TAS Video

TAS Slideshow

Vocational Education & Training Presentations (VET)

VET Video

VET Slideshow