Student Instructions on how to use Zoom for:

Chromebooks and Mac Computers

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Zoom Instructions for Students

Teacher Name Zoom Session Address

Mrs Tienelle Anderson - https://zoom.us/j/255051098 (Homeroom 7D C12)

Mr Russell Bates - https://zoom.us/j/91569541631

Ms Simona Bellomo - https://zoom.us/j/96297708682

Mr Brendan Belsito - https://zoom.us/j/98165455586

Mr Mario Bonaccorso - https://zoom.us/j/171923634

Mr Max Booyar-Rybak - https://zoom.us/j/548488005

Mrs Jamie Borg - https://zoom.us/j/98546828013

Mr Ben Bourke - https://zoom.us/j/951190032

Mr Daniel Breeze - https://zoom.us/j/947095437

Mr Andrew Brooks - https://zoom.us/j/585413195

Mr Stuart Buchanan - https://zoom.us/j/91133304676

Mr Garry Cajar - https://zoom.us/j/875111496

Mrs Jackie Carlon - https://zoom.us/j/199514220

Mr James Clarke - https://zoom.us/j/422441505 (Homeroom 10D5)

Mrs Sarah Copas - https://zoom.us/j/216624250

Ms Mary Costello - https://zoom.us/j/114744588

Mr Joshua Crapis - https://zoom.us/j/94127329877

Miss Erin Davey - https://zoom.us/j/194586127

Mr Paul Dempsey - https://zoom.us/j/311665011

Mrs Renate Dunkerley - https://zoom.us/j/95436695903

Mr Andrew Edmondson - https://zoom.us/j/783855091

Ms Amy Field/Mrs Maggie Mangan - https://zoom.us/j/98678895259

Mr Luke Fields - https://zoom.us/j/698955870

Mr Jeremy Forshaw - https://zoom.us/j/167453523

Mr Ross Fowler - https://zoom.us/j/596468634

Ms Francesca Gazzola - https://zoom.us/j/827696746

Mr Stephen Gough - https://zoom.us/j/94775579428

Mr Kyle Gray - https://zoom.us/j/603245362

Ms Alexandra Gregorio - https://zoom.us/j/574558576

Mr Ryan Griffiths - https://zoom.us/j/579951107

Mr Mark Groves - https://zoom.us/j/125108618

Mrs Barbara Guest - https://zoom.us/j/403620049

Mrs Jessica Haines - https://zoom.us/j/96590012396

Mrs Maria Ham - https://zoom.us/j/93600851585

Mr Greg Haybittle - https://zoom.us/j/750576396

Miss Joanna Herrmann - https://zoom.us/j/99743710773

Mrs Jennifer Hodson - https://zoom.us/j/95522966817

Mrs Jodie Hughes - https://zoom.us/j/95497053469

Mrs Judith Hurley - https://zoom.us/j/198324285

Mr Mark Jackson - https://zoom.us/j/809875785

Mrs Helen Knowles - https://zoom.us/j/135375735

Ms Felicity Leate - https://zoom.us/j/832428429

Mrs Tanya Levi / Mrs Sofia Masters https://zoom.us/j/715142048

Mrs Helen Lothian - https://zoom.us/j/172749259

Mr Dene MacDonald - https://zoom.us/j/331926697 (Homeroom 8C7)

Mr Andrew Marsh - https://zoom.us/j/955914584

Ms Erin Mascord - https://zoom.us/j/246090364

Miss Rebecca McLean - https://zoom.us/j/92390234729 (Homeroom 7C12 )

Mr Jay Meyer - https://zoom.us/j/781672074

Mr Brad Milner - https://zoom.us/j/691001020

Mr Trent Mitchell - https://zoom.us/j/94126268308

Mr Lee Morley/ Mrs Karina Tomasi https://zoom.us/j/231065660

Ms Lourdes Ndaira - https://zoom.us/j/95366148958

Ms Nadia Neal - https://zoom.us/j/93489820045

Mr Liam O'Dea - https://zoom.us/j/328457852

Mr Donovan Pierro - https://zoom.us/j/97681551841

Mr Rocco Polidoro - https://zoom.us/j/91571361299

Mr Eoin Power/Mrs Skye Kennedy - https://zoom.us/j/949039018

Mr Patrick Preeo - https://zoom.us/j/193632495

Mr David Pullella - https://zoom.us/j/94246633285

Ms Leen Rampe - https://zoom.us/j/414261932

Mr Mathew Rattenbury - https://zoom.us/j/146577973

Mr Brett Richardson - https://zoom.us/j/291331540

Mr Martin Rule - https://zoom.us/j/722906590

Mrs Carmen Russell - https://zoom.us/j/362300529

Mrs Diane Schodde - https://zoom.us/j/754352387

MrFraser Marnham - https://zoom.us/j/754352387

Ms Emma Shumack - https://zoom.us/j/400461154

Mr Frank Sirianni - https://zoom.us/j/585662600

Mr Kris Sjostedt - https://zoom.us/j/986196099

Mr Gerardo Sozio - https://zoom.us/j/948880505

Ms Rosanna Stella - https://zoom.us/j/133222882

Mr Glen Stutchbury - https://zoom.us/j/94914684978

Mr Steven Sunderland - https://zoom.us/j/708222283

Mr Sam Tadros - https://zoom.us/j/97982552914

Mrs Jennifer Thomson - https://zoom.us/j/432828051

Ms Kylie Timmins - https://zoom.us/j/220590535

Mr Joshua Timpano - https://zoom.us/j/796547313

Mr Simon Tognetti - https://zoom.us/j/891828997

Mr Michael Toohey - https://zoom.us/j/837147511 (Homeroom 9E7)

Mr Mark Tyler - https://zoom.us/j/149401162

Mr Geoff Volk - https://zoom.us/j/630985234

Mr Barry Walsh - https://zoom.us/j/92486113682

Mrs Kate Woolnough - https://zoom.us/j/97508614651

Learning Support Teacher Name Zoom Session Address

Quicksmart Maths https://zoom.us/j/94148324190

Mrs Renate Dunkerley https://zoom.us/j/639625878

Mrs Allison Hancock https://zoom.us/j/702874749

Mrs Amanda Dutton https://zoom.us/j/325249200

Mrs Michelle Cavanagh https://zoom.us/j/96194897981

Mrs Trish Reynolds https://zoom.us/j/95681424845

Mrs Nicole Biggs https://zoom.us/j/96625687223

Mrs Gretel Torres-Salvador https://zoom.us/j/94980239692

Mrs Debbie Gallagher https://zoom.us/j/98963432191

Mr Jack Brown https://zoom.us/j/93944209188

Mrs Lauren Milner https://zoom.us/j/98882763485

Mrs Tegan Boardman https://zoom.us/j/94592948042

Counselling Zoom Session Address

Ms Natalie Potter https://zoom.us/j/99763106290

Mr Tim Rowe https://zoom.us/j/93771716660

Careers Zoom Session Address

Mrs Jennifer Hodson https://zoom.us/j/176032889